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Saudi Prince: Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom

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As the fracking revolution eases demand for the kingdom’s oil and gas, a billionaire prince warns his nation to find new income.

Monday 29 July 2013

A Saudi prince has warned that his oil-reliant nation is under threat because of fracking technology being developed elsewhere around the world.

Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said the Gulf Arab kingdom needed to reduce its reliance on crude oil and diversify its revenues.

His warning comes as rising shale energy supplies in the United States cut global demand for Saudi oil.

In an open letter to his country’s oil minister Ali al Naimi and other government heads, published on Sunday via his Twitter account, Prince Alwaleed said demand for oil from Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) member states was “in continuous decline”.

Saudi Aramco is the world's biggest oil company
State-owned Saudi Aramco was hit by a huge cyberattack last year

He said Saudi Arabia’s heavy dependence on oil was “a truth that has really become a source of worry for many”.

He added that the world’s biggest crude oil exporter should implement “swift measures” to diversify its economy.

Prince Alwaleed, owner of international investment firm Kingdom Holding, is unusually outspoken for a top Saudi businessman.

But his warning reflects growing concern in private among many Saudis about the long-term impact of shale technology.

It is allowing the US and Canada to tap unconventional oil deposits which they could not reach just a few years ago.

Restaurants in Carrollton, the county town, are busier because of fracking.
Small towns, like Carroll County in Ohio, have been boosted by fracking

Chancellor George Osborne has also announced support for fracking in Britain and in offshore waters, to ease a reliance on foreign oil and gas.

Some analysts think this may push demand for Saudi oil, as well as global oil prices, down sharply over the next decade.

Over the past couple of years the Saudi government has taken some initial steps to develop the economy beyond oil.

It has sought to liberalise the aviation sector and provided finance to small, entrepreneurial firms in the services and technology sectors.

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Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Is Real: Leaked Document – Narrative Disruptors And Inductors

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So how many of us have scratched our heads wondering why the mindless people follow Obama no matter what? Or that folks do not make a stand against what is wrong in this country? I have an odd feeling that we are past the rodent testing phase of this program.

Now if you believe that this hasn’t been implemented yet, just wait a minute here…. Why on earth, is our government even attempting to develop such a program? Just this alone should be cause for alarm, and there are leaked documents as proof. At the bottom of this thread you will find some excerpts from the 128 page document submitted as proof.

This is an example of science gone mad. This is no longer a conspiracy, it is fact!

Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

This DARPA research brings about many ethical questions and dilemmas. Mainly, this research aims to literally induce or disrupt the operation of narratives within the brain. In other words, this research aims to stop individuals from thinking certain thoughts and make others believe things they normally would not believe. This research has tremendous interrogation possibilities and could potentially be used to more successfully spread propaganda or stop political upheaval to an unsuspecting public.

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

This video try’s to explain how this works in detail. This video contains a lot of info, and if you hate reading boring news articles, I would give this a go. There are 2 other videos on the above linked page you may be interested in.

Ok now for the proof… This documnet is 128 pages long. And I just included bits and pieces.


1 II.A. INNOVATIVE CLAIMS Humans are storytelling beings. There is no clearer evidence of this than the struggles of the United States government to convince world populations of its good intentions, and to dissuade key constituencies from the powerful narratives told by violent extremists. In short, it is widely recognized that the U.S. is “losing the battle of the narrative” and thus, consequentially,the “war of ideas”. This project responds to Technical Areas 1 and 2, with the aim of revolutionizing the study of the neuropsychology of narrative and its effects on persuasion. It will generate the knowledge to effectively understand, model, and disrupt narratives —systems of stories sharing themes, forms, and archetypes—on a neurological level, and the capability to induce powerful narrative phenomena (such as transportation and narrative validity) with certainty. To achieve this goal we have assembled a transdisciplinary team from Arizona State University and the Barrow Neurological Institute. Members have expertise in neuropsychology, neuroimaging, narrative theory, persuasion and strategic communication, as well as religion and culture. The team will achieve four key innovations in research approach, theory, and practice.

Generate practical innovations . Strategic communicators face numerous questions with regard to narrative. Does grounding a message in a master narrative make a practical difference in persuading members of an audience? If it does, can the effect be enhanced by ensuring that listeners are transported into a story? If the narrative is circulating in a population, can it be degraded by circulating elements that reduce its coherence? Answers to these questions, which this project will provide, are key to identifying disruptors and inductors that can make narrative- based strategic communication more effective.

2 II.B. DELIVERABLES Our research fundamentally develops the capacity to disrupt cognitive narrative processes to alter their persuasive power and further establishes a methodology for inducing narrative validity, transportation and integration in strategic communication messaging. To deliver this capability our project will produce: A model of the Narrative Comprehension Network,correlations between narrative theory and brain function, a validated experimental paradigm for future research to follow, and a development plan for narrative disruptors and inductors.A summary of the projects deliverables includes:

A validated experimental paradigm.
The research proposed herein will establish anexperimental paradigm for investigating narrative theory at multiple levels of analysisi ncluding behavioral, cognitive, and biological. This paradigm and associated stimulu smaterials will not only support this project but future research on the neuropsychology of narrative.

A map of the Narrative Comprehension Network.
This network will reflect an interconnected set of brain regions that support narrative comprehension through the coordination of cognitive mechanisms such as attention, memory, identity, and theory of mind. Mapping the influence of attention, memory, identity, emotion, and theory of mind will address technical area 2 sub-goals 2, 3, and 5 by clarifying the shared contributions of these neural networks to narrative comprehension. Because of the multi-modal approachdescribed in Section III, this map will not only describe the connections between brainregions, but information about how they sequence in a temporal fashion to respond tonarrative stimuli.

A correlational model of the relationship between the Narrative ComprehensionNetwork and theories of vertical integration, narrative transportation and narrativevalidity.
Narrative theories are typically studied and discussed in isolation. Our work both productively elucidates the overlap of these theories and, importantly, relates them to brain processes and functions.

Data for modeling narrative comprehension.
The proposed research will provide strong empirical constraints for informing and modeling biological and behavioral aspects of strategic communication as it relates to narrative.

Mechanisms for Narrative Induction & Disruption:
This project will result in an empirical basis upon which to craft strategic communication materials such that their introduction into a discourse system should induce a higher rate of narrative validity,transportation, and vertical integration. The Narrative Comprehension Network model will provide the basis for pre-testing such materials to ensure they activate the appropriate neural network components to maximize narrative induction. These same efforts will identify underlying mechanisms to disrupt narrative processing in the brain. We will have a thorough understanding of the neural and persuasive effects of manipulating narrative transportation,narrative validity and vertical integration.

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Captive Nations Week, 2013

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Proclamation — Captive Nations Week, 2013

– – – – – – –

As citizens of the oldest democracy on earth, we believe that all people are created equal with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Together, we have kept that most basic promise shining bright for more than two centuries — upholding civil rights and expanding their reach, advancing freedom’s march and widening the circle of opportunity for all.

Our commitment to universal rights is also a foundation for American leadership abroad. In the course of our Nation’s history, countries worldwide have pledged themselves to a Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Corrupt dictatorships have given way to new democracies, forcing out the stale air of authoritarian rule with a fresh breath of freedom.

We know that work is not yet complete. Even as the light of liberty and justice has spread across the globe, too many people still labor in the darkness of tyranny and oppression. In too many parts of the world, fundamental freedoms remain unrealized, and the protections of law extend only to a privileged few.

Captive Nations Week is an opportunity to reaffirm America’s role in advancing human rights worldwide. It is a task that can begin here, with the example we set and the understanding that we are stronger when all our people are granted opportunity — no matter what they look like, where they worship, or who they love. And it can continue by extending a hand to those who reach for freedom abroad. Different peoples will determine their own paths. But we must reject the notion that those who live in distant places do not yearn for freedom, self-determination, dignity, and the rule of law, just as we do.

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower first marked this day, he noted that it should recur “until such time as freedom and independence shall have been achieved for all the captive nations of the world.” We have come a long way since then — but despite our progress, that time has not yet come. So let us keep striving to bring it about — supporting those who seek the same freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and extending the blessings of peace and prosperity here at home and around the world.

The Congress, by joint resolution approved July 17, 1959 (73 Stat. 212), has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation designating the third week of July of each year as “Captive Nations Week.”

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim July 21 through July 27, 2013, as Captive Nations Week. I call upon the people of the United States to reaffirm our deep ties to all governments and people committed to freedom, dignity, and opportunity for all.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this
nineteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-eighth.




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A Bizarre Goldman Sachs Aluminum Moving Scheme Has Allegedly Cost US Consumers $5 Billion In The Past 3 Years

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aluminum 2ssREUTERS/Jayanta Dey

The Federal Reserve is currently “reviewing” a landmark 2003 decision that first allowed regulated banks to trade in physical commodity markets

Why exactly shouldn’t banks be able to trade physical commodities? To see one argument, take a look at a big report from David Kocieniewski in today’s New York Times.

According to Kocieniewski, a Goldman Sachs-owned company has been involved in an elaborate plan to move around aluminum in a way that has inflated market prices. The report states that every time an American consumer buys a product containing aluminum, they pay a price that has been affected by this maneuver. Sources told The New York Times that in total the plan has cost American consumers more than $5 billion over the last three years,

Kocieniewski’s investigation centers on Metro International Trade Services, an aluminum storage company that Goldman Sachs bought three years ago. According to the Times, since Goldman bought the company the average wait time at the storage facility has gone up more than 20-fold. As the wait times are longer, the companies’ revenues for storing the aluminium are higher. This cost is reflected in the market price of aluminum.

Aluminum storage facilities are not allowed to mindlessly sit on aluminum — industry standards require them to move 3,000 tons of the metal every day. However, according to the Times, Metro International gets around this law by moving the metal between its own warehouses every day. One analyst estimated that around 90% of the metal moved each day went to another Goldman-owned warehouse.

The body that governs the industry has shown little interest in reforming the practice, Kocieniewski writes. This may be because the body — the London Metals Exchange — collects 1% of the rent from aluminum storage facilities. Limiting the amount of rent received would cost it millions.

This all makes for a somewhat absurd working environment. Workers told the Times that they’d routinely see the same drivers making three or four round trips a day. Some warehouses reportedly sat empty 12 or more hours a day, the Times reports, despite the huge backlog.

If the practice is as the Times describes it, it is very hard to see what value is given to society by the activity. A loose coalition of companies that use aluminium — including Boeing and Coca-Cola — have begun to put pressure on Goldman. However, the issue may go beyond aluminum — JP Morgan, Blackrock and Goldman have all been given approval by the SEC to buy a large amount of copper available on the market and stockpile it, Kocieniewski reports.

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Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks

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Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

War on Health

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By intergalactic fire of ATS.

“The docu covers the ban of dietary supplements by big pharma, the GMO issue and some history and the corruption inside the FDA.
IMo it’s a topic that everyone needs to be aware of and know what is realy going on, for ourselves and future.
I realy wonder why they would like to ban organic gardening and forbid us from growing our own food?
What’s the reason for this? Do they know something we don’t? ”


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Forbidden View Behind the Flags

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